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A65 Abney Level

Item: 17-640
Bosch 120cm

Item: DNM120L
Bosch 60cm

Item: DNM60L

Bosch GAM 220 MF angle measure

Item: GAM220mf
CST Pocket Site Level

Item: 17-620A
David White LT6-900 Transit Level

Item: 44-8834-1

David White LT8-300-LTU- LP Line Transfer Unit with laser plumet

Item: 44-8879
David White LT8-300LTU Transit only

Item: 44-8877-1
David White LT8-300P Transit only

Item: 44-8870-1P

David White LT8-300 Transit only

Item: 44-8870-1
F.034.068.200 SAL32ND

Item: 55-SAL32ND
F.034.068.400 SAL24ND

Item: 55-SAL24ND

F.034.068.80E PAL26D

Item: 55-PAL26D
M70 Abney Level

Item: AHL00070
M80 Hand Level

Item: 17-630

S60 Hand Level

Item: HLL00060
sokkia B20 automatic level

Item: B20-1
sokkia B30 automatic level

Item: B30-35

sokkia B40 automatic level

Item: B40-35
Sokkia SDL 1X Digital Level

Item: SDL1X11s-31
Sokkia SDL 30 Digital Level

Item: DVL10030

Sokkia SDL 50 Digital Level

Item: DVL10050

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